Building My Brand?

Explaining what I'm doing now.


Mike Rez

1/8/20231 min read

They say that if you want people to know your brand, you have to build your brand. Well, I guess I have been building my brand for the past seven years and I am now at this point. I have decided to launch this website to expand my bandwidth and get into the algorithm more. It's all about the algorithms. Actually, we could change the name to, egorithm. Am I right?

So, what is this site all about? I wanted to expand my thoughts on topics and music that wasn't on a social media site. I also wanted a space to give people more access to the podcasts I produce, the music I like, and of course my hardcore sports takes on the local scene.

On the homepage you will find a streaming player. The player will be playing a shuffled schedule of independent podcasts and music. The playlist will be expanded as time goes on. If you have an indie podcast or you produce music and want it added, go to the contact page and get a hold of me. Think of it as internet radio for podcasts with music breaks. As time goes on and more content gets added I will create a schedule. When you get done reading this go check it out.

So, here we go. I won't call this a "journey" because that word is overused and I hate that word.