Playoff Let Down...Again

Why do we keep doing this to ourselves?

Mike Resendez

1/17/20231 min read

Here we are, once again. We find ourselves in the emotional hole of another great sports season that ended too soon. This time it was the Minnesota Vikings that caused this pain. Again. Our Minnesota sports teams go on this relay race, a relay race that hands off the baton to the next team that will end in a first-round playoff exit. Then what do we do as fans? We get upset, we feel betrayed, we say things like, "What a surprise!". We even demand coaches get fired. Sometimes we post things on certain social media sites that result in 30-day restrictions that get doubled because we share those thoughts again.

It is our own fault for falling for it every single season, every team. I know we all think that this time will be different but it's all the same. The Vikings go 13-4 and lose. The Wild are predicted to have a good season and they start out flat. The Timberwolves, well they continue to do Timberwolves things. Don't even get me started on the Twins. At least when it comes to the Twins, I personally, never expect anything out of them. Just spend some money for once.

Our beloved Minnesota Lynx even disappointed us this season. We even saw the newest team in our sports world, MN Aurora FC go 11-0-1 in the regular season only to suffer their first loss of the season in the championship match to South Georgia Tormenta FC.

So what do we do? Nothing. I will tell you what I'm going to do. I am going to see you at the next game or match or relay race because that is what we do.